Children's Ministry
At Open Door, we believe that children are never too young to learn about God and to know Him personally in a safe and fun environment. We are able to accomplish this by teaching all children about God’s love at their own level.

The Kingdom Kids Children’s Ministry is separated into two age groups:

Ages 3 through Kindergarten

This class is available for those who are potty-trained up until they finish kindergarten.  We use activities and illustrations to teach them basic truths about God’s love for them and things that He said to us in the Bible.


Grades 1st through 6th

This class curriculum is especially geared towards children that are in first grade through sixth grade.  Here they begin to understand who Jesus is, why He came, how to get along with others, as well as being introduced to some Old Testament stories and the principles behind them.  Activities are also done to help the child understand those stories and to reinforce the lessons they are taught through them.

Games and other fun activities also take place to balance out the teaching they are receiving each Sunday morning.
Children’s services are available during all of our regularly scheduled worship services.  Check-in time is at 10:15 am on Sunday mornings in the Kingdom Kids area.